School of City Transformation

Bring Kingdom Transformation to the place of your call and influence: to your city, school, workplace, or culture!

Learn the 7 keys that usher in transformation to cultures, communities, and spheres of influence and how to implement them in the sphere of your calling.

Get Trained For Transformation

Do You Dream of Bringing Kingdom Transformation to Cities, Cultures, and Spheres of Influence?

Do you Know Where to Start?

Have you desired to bring transformative change to your city, community, or workplace but didn’t know where to start?  

Do You Know How to Sustain Results?

Have you seen some success, yet you seem to lose ground that you have worked hard to possess?

Have You Had Limited Results?

Have you prayed, served, and evangelized in your sphere of influence, diligently seeking to see it transformed, only to have limited results that are not sustained over time?  

Learn The Keys That Bring Kingdom Transformation

At the School City Transformation you will learn from the historic move of God in the city of Portland, Oregon, a city once the least churches most atheistic city in America what brought radical transformation. You will learn how committed communities of Kingdom pioneer where able to bring breakthrough and transformation to some of the least likely places and the keys they found that will usher in true Kingdom transformation.  Because you will learn the theology and practices of transformation one key at a time, you will build and sustain Kingdom change to the sphere you want to see transformed.


  1. Register for The School of City Transformation Online Course.
  2. Complete online course modules and homework as they become available
  3. Attend our live Q and A conference calls and get your questions answered as well as learn in a group setting.
  4. Implement each key as  you learn them in the area you identified for transformation.
  5. Receive coaching as you implement the keys, learning from a community of transformation practitioners.

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